Jenna Williams

Health Innovator, Passionate Advocate For Carer Empowerment, Director RediAssist


“I had been confused for so long about how to tell our story and articulate all the reasons why RediAssist is so important. I turned to Casey because I just didn’t know how to communicate that clearly to our audience, and because I needed a marketing strategy that I could be confident would deliver our sales objectives.  There were so many breakthroughs along the way. Defining our audience avatars gave me real confidence that the messages we were creating would hit the mark. Developing our creed and manifesto really re-inspired me over the difference we’re making. When I saw all the theoretical marketing knowledge I had been drowning in come together in a perfectly integrated, manageable plan – all of a sudden our goals seemed achievable, and that’s something hadn’t felt sure of since I started this venture.   From the get go it was so nice working with someone who has heart for what we do. Casey really ‘gets’ me, and what we’re about. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her support of our concept and ability to succeed has been worth more than money can pay or words can describe.  No matter how stressed and doubtful I am, the next meeting with Casey is always a motivator! Working with her has most definitely empowered me and I am eternally grateful to her for that gift.”

Angie Johnston

Workplace Performance Coach, Corporate Wellness Strategist, Depression, Anxiety & Stress Coach,


“I hired Casey to improve my on-line presence with my small business. She is incredibly knowledgeable and knows her stuff when it comes to marketing. She is inventive and has given me some incredible ideas from things that I was doing and how I could leverage them into on-sells or product. She is understanding and reliable. I have been able to raise my on-line presence in a short space of time and overcome my lack of knowledge of the on-line world. This has enabled me to sell product on-line and gain more bookings for my business. I would highly recommend any business large or small to consider Casey.”

David King

Professional Services Trainer and Speaker, Managing Director, Vue Consulting


“Casey has worked as our Marketing Manager since August 2013 and has made an immediate impact here at Vue. From initial strategy in marketing and branding, through to the execution of a new website, new brochures, new branding and social media activities, Casey has been a pleasure to work with. She is organised and punctual and has a great command of marketing methods. In terms of bringing Vue into a more modern and round approach to marketing, Casey has been extremely successful.”

Maureen Hamilton

Hypnotherapist, Integrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Owner, Master Your Life Power


“I was delighted to find that Casey could also update and maintain my website to match our Facebook campaigns and maintain a consistent tone across mediums. Casey definitely won me over, and eliminated my scepticism of the social media landscape. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any form of marketing. She is experienced, charming and nothing seems too much for her. I have yet to find her limits. I love working with her and will continue to do so. In fact, I have been so pleased with her work that I’ve made her responsible for all of the marketing and social media operations of my business.”

Margaret Goody

Human Resources Consultant, Employee Relations Specialist, Managing Director, Akyra Strategy and Development


“Cloud Marketing Services was a great help in setting up my CRM database in the back end of my website, as well as creating and implementing an email campaign for the distribution of a survey questionnaire to my database. The communicative, reliable and professional service turned a headache into an efficient and worry-free experience. With Casey shouldering the load, I was never concerned about whether or not the survey would be implemented in time or if the follow-up reminders and relevant messages would be executed properly. I never had any doubt I was in capable hands, and I would absolutely recommend their services.”

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