Anyone who has studied SEO and what Google considers when determining rankings, should know that backlinks are right up there in terms of importance. It could be argued that backlinks are actually the number one consideration.

It is for this reason that so much effort is expended by website owners and SEO experts trying to build as many backlinks as they can to a website. More importantly, those backlinks need to come quality websites, rather than link farms or poor quality spammy sites.

There are many ways these two objectives can be achieved, and here are three which we know can be highly effective link building strategies.

Guest Articles and Blog Posts

Hope you were not expecting anything mystical or magical because in the end the tried and trusted ways still work, even if they are not particularly exciting

Creating content with a view to having it published on another website, and one which has high authority, is still highly effective. One excellent article posted on a major website has the potential to go viral, especially if that website owner shares it on their social media.

Creating Multimedia For Other Websites

Owners of large websites are invariably bombarded with people offering to write content for them, but what is less common is them being offered multimedia content such as audio or video.

Given that this often takes more time and effort to create, they may be more willing to accept yours, assuming it is high quality and relevant to their audience.

The potential for this type of content to go viral is even greater, and the uplift in the authority of your website, as a result, means Google’s calculation of your ranking can only go one way…up!

Hijacking Broken Links

It is not quite as dramatic as it sounds but it is certainly effective. The tactic involves discovering broken links on websites that are relevant to yours and then you then contacting the website owners. You can find these links using a number of tools including Ahrefs.

By informing the owner they have broken links that can damage their SEO, and offering to fix them for free, gets your foot in the door, and their gratitude. Further, you can request that the repaired links point to your website instead. Some will say no, but some will say yes, giving you a quality backlink for very little work.