Ranking Your Blog Posts

7 Key Tactics For Ranking Your Blog Posts

Over the years there have been plenty of theories, fads, short cuts and even downright lies found their way inside the SEO arena and thereafter countless debates and arguments have taken place about whether any or all of them were pure genius or absolute rot.

Meanwhile, some of the less exciting SEO tactics have carried on their merry way, helping website after website get ranked on the search engines, generating traffic, and ultimately profits for the businesses that own those websites.

One of those SEO tactics is content creation with blog posts being the staple diet of the search engines’ spiders when they come crawling a website.

We admit a blog post might not seem like the most exciting ranking factor we could discuss, but then again, to our knowledge, ‘exciting’ has never been listed by Google or any other search engine for that matter,  as a way to improve a website’s ranking.

Something that can improve those rankings, are properly optimised blog posts, and that is exactly what we are going to cover here, with seven simple, but effective, ways to do exactly that.