10 SEO Tips For Law firms To Increase Organic Traffic To Their Website

10 SEO Tips For Law firms To Increase Organic Traffic To Their Website

There can be many tactics and strategies used to create a successful digital marketing campaign for law firms, but one which will be at the heart of many of them will be SEO. SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, is how law firms can ensure that their website appears near the top of the results whenever someone enters a relevant term in a search engine.

With Google being by far the largest and most influential search engine, it is normally their ranking algorithm that websites must be optimised for. With some estimates putting the ranking factors Google takes into account at over 300, it is clear that SEO requires work and effort to generate results.

Nevertheless, optimising certain ranking factors is more a case of working cleverly than working hard, and thus law firms should be in a position to implement many SEO tips that can help rank their websites higher and boost their search engine traffic. Here are ten of those SEO tips.

Carry Out Comprehensive Keyword Research: The key to all your SEO is knowing the keywords you wish to rank for. By properly researching what search terms your target audience is searching for, you can optimise your entire SEO campaign around these.

Ensure Your Website Looks Great: People leaving your website quickly, aka bounce rate, is undesirable and it will happen if your website is poorly designed. If so, seek a web design agency to revamp your website, especially its appearance.


SEO Terms

5 Common SEO Terms and Their Meaning

Even if you are not planning to do SEO for yourself, but are instead going to employ a digital agency, it is still immensely helpful if you understand what some of the terms relating to SEO mean. Here are 5 of them, which you really should know:

Backlink: This is a link located on another website that links directly to yours, meaning if someone clicks it, they will be sent from that site to yours. Backlinks play a significant role in SEO and rankings.

Google has made it clear that they do not just count the number of backlinks going to a website and are more inclined to consider the authority of the websites that are being linked from as a ranking factor.

Spider: Not an eight-legged creepy-crawly but is instead software that is used by the search engines to gather and send back information about a website when the spider ‘crawls’ it. Crawl basically means to analyse. Spiders visit a website regularly and come from all kinds of sources albeit search engines are the most common


Ranking Your Blog Posts

7 Key Tactics For Ranking Your Blog Posts

Over the years there have been plenty of theories, fads, short cuts and even downright lies found their way inside the SEO arena and thereafter countless debates and arguments have taken place about whether any or all of them were pure genius or absolute rot.

Meanwhile, some of the less exciting SEO tactics have carried on their merry way, helping website after website get ranked on the search engines, generating traffic, and ultimately profits for the businesses that own those websites.

One of those SEO tactics is content creation with blog posts being the staple diet of the search engines’ spiders when they come crawling a website.

We admit a blog post might not seem like the most exciting ranking factor we could discuss, but then again, to our knowledge, ‘exciting’ has never been listed by Google or any other search engine for that matter,  as a way to improve a website’s ranking.

Something that can improve those rankings, are properly optimised blog posts, and that is exactly what we are going to cover here, with seven simple, but effective, ways to do exactly that.


Using Chatbots

3 Advantages Of Using Chatbots In Your Marketing

Chatbots might sound like something that Captain Kirk and his crew aboard the Enterprise have had to do battle with, but you will be pleased to know, they are not dangerous aliens or rogue androids.

In fact, they are very business-friendly, and those businesses which have used chatbots are seeing fantastic results.

If you are wondering what chatbots are, they are automated systems that can interact with individuals online where a series of pre-programmed responses appear whenever those individuals start a chat conversation, such as in Messenger, which is Facebook’s chat platform.

In fact, it doesn’t need to be on another website or social media platform where chatbots can work for you. There are several chatbot services which business owners can install on their website and you may possibly have interacted with one of these yourself.

There are several advantages to a business which is using Chatbots, but here the main three which almost every business can benefit from.

Available To Answer Questions 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a Week

Unless your premises are open round the clock and every day of the week, there are bound to be times when your staff have gone home, and your premises are closed.


Local SEO

The Difference Between Cheap and Value When It Comes To Local SEO

If you are considering using an SEO consultant or agency to implement a campaign designed to improve the ranking of your local business website, your budget is obviously going to be an important factor in who you choose. That choice will not always be an easy one, and it is often deciding which SEO agency to use that has caused many business owners to feel their head start to spin.

This need not be the case for you, provided you take the time effort to research the SEO companies that help businesses in your local area, and you do your due diligence with regards to testimonials from their previous clients, for example.

There is, however, a very important point we have to bring up and is deciding whether to go for the cheapest SEO agency available or one that seems to offer value, but whose price is higher. Now, we must stress that simply because an agency gives you what seems low price, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cowboys or likely to do a bad job. However, there are some who deliberately offer a very low to get the work, but who then sadly let their clients down.

This can happen in lots of ways and it’s not always the case that the cheapest SEO agencies are in any way trying to rip their clients off, but more the case that because they have accepted a very low fee for the work, they are unwilling to employ or invest in the resources to do the best job possible.


Effective Backlinking Tactics

3 Simple and Effective Backlinking Tactics

Anyone who has studied SEO and what Google considers when determining rankings, should know that backlinks are right up there in terms of importance. It could be argued that backlinks are actually the number one consideration.

It is for this reason that so much effort is expended by website owners and SEO experts trying to build as many backlinks as they can to a website. More importantly, those backlinks need to come quality websites, rather than link farms or poor quality spammy sites.

There are many ways these two objectives can be achieved, and here are three which we know can be highly effective link building strategies.

Guest Articles and Blog Posts

Hope you were not expecting anything mystical or magical because in the end the tried and trusted ways still work, even if they are not particularly exciting

Creating content with a view to having it published on another website, and one which has high authority, is still highly effective. One excellent article posted on a major website has the potential to go viral, especially if that website owner shares it on their social media.