The online entrepreneur is the term which could make any talented single to attain the highest position irrespective of any dependent jobs or dependent help from anyone. The startup may lead a single project to the extreme if the basic and the real strategy rules get involved into the entrepreneur’s mind. The small business owners are very much energetic and happy with the growth part as the online exposure made dramatic changes in the standard of the output in every aspect.

The online entrepreneur must have some essential tools and factors for their business such as a good domain, core theme, SEO, irresistible hosting packages, branding, influence, advertising campaign, help from venture capitals, appealing web design, targeted e-mail marketing campaign, tax liabilities, legal acts, and other major factors.

When it comes to the “Payment” section, there is a huge step to be carried out effectively to achieve the growth without any issues. The online entrepreneur and the small business owners should have the ability to understand the various criteria regarding the tax liabilities in various countries to withstand the business. The online payment gateway could be an essential factor as it decides the entrepreneur’s output in the form of currency.

There exist several payment gateways for the online business transactions. Some of the services would cost you high for setting up and for the subscriptions. This blog post will deliver the top 5 best payment gateways for an online entrepreneur and also helps for the great startup.

The list contains the following 5 best online payment gateways.

  1. PayPal
  2. CCAvenue
  3. Payza
  4. net
  5. 2checkout
  1. PayPal

PayPal is the traditional payment gateway that really suits the small business as well as the giant business career.

It bought a revolution in the online payment transactions that inspired many entrepreneurs to start up their own business productively.

Choosing the best plan is recommended before heading to the setup process. It is accessible in nearly 169+ countries as a payment based service.

It usually charges 4.4% + $0.30 USD per sale as stated in their policy.

The integration of PayPal into the website is simple and safe.

  1. CCAvenue

CCAvenue is also a major payment gateway for the online entrepreneur as it can handle the transactions of debit cards in most of the countries easily.

It has 24/7 customer support.

It includes real-time solution and also the great analytics in the payment career.

  1. Payza

Payza is the best alternative to PayPal as it provides reliable service to the online merchants in order to increase the growth.

It expands the services to the Canada users recently and also active in nearly 202+ countries.

The e-commerce merchants likely to prefer Payza as a gateway for the transactions.


The site with Woo Commerce background prefers as it makes the process easy.

The integrating of this payment gateway is damn simple as the plugin do the things automatically.

  1. 2checkout

It is an international 3rd party payment processor that can boost the output of any online business on the go.

It costs around $10 for setting up the processor and it is worth enough to try for getting a standard result in the growth.

The above top 5 best payment gateways for an online entrepreneur will enrich the online business without any flaws.